Urban Dai at the Fashiolista Party NYC

The final agenda for day 6 is to go to the Fashiolista party! Fashiolista is an online community where bloggers and lovers of fashion pick and share their awesome shopping finds. Anyway, the party was amazing, it was held at the Blind Barber shop, yup a barber shop. At first Jess and I were like “what? are they kidding? this Barber shop?”, but then it turned out to be a cool secret bar (the ones that I frequently read in books).

The most amazing part of this get together is meeting the most amazing bloggers from all over the world! Andy Torres, Chiara Ferragni, Carolina Engman, Aimee Song among the others and they were all so kind (not to mention pretty.. and long legged! ahaha!). And just like that moment with Brad, you don’t really need to ask a lot of questions in order to engage in a meaningful conversation because they do talk and share a lot about their lives.

Well anyway, here are some photos 🙂

Emilie and Maddie, the lovely brains behind Fashiolista

Andy Torres with the Nokia x Elle team. I look like a midget!

Some photos via blog.fashiolista.com, jemerced.blogspot.com

Anyway, if you guys want to follow me in Fashiolista, just click the link and get updated on my latest fashion finds! 🙂


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