Nokia x Elle Day 7: Breakfast with Petra Middlethon

One of the great things about this competition is meeting all the inspiring people from fashion whom you could have never imagine to meet in your life. During day 7, we met the Fashion Director of ELLE Norway, Petra Middlethon.

Petra, I must say is a very wonderful person, she has this way of talking that makes everyone want to listen to her. She is very kind and very pretty too. She shared with us her success story and all her struggles before she got into ELLE Norway.Petra worked as a freelance stylist in Paris when she was 18 and then moved to New York attend the Fashion Institute Technology. After school she returned back to Paris. Petra then started to work for a Norweigan magazine based in Paris (Tique).

Success somehow is based on making the right connections and how we treasure the people whom we meet along the way. After all the hard work, Petra got a call asking her if she was to become the Fashion Director of Elle Norway.  It was a great opportunity for her because the job itself is wonderful, a position in a magazine that she respects.

Petra tells us that part of her job as Fashion Director is of course to have the overall responsibility in fashion, but then again, she stressed out that in the fashion industry, team work plays a big role and that value each position is very important to come up with good fashion stories.

 I am the fashion director, so that means that I am responsible for all the fashion and I decide the fashion stories.  This is like team work, but in the end it’s my decision to come up with the stories, the ideas to the fashion stories, and the budget for the stories, the  trend reports, the shopping pages and the fashion bible we have two times a year.  But then, of course, I’m working with stylists

Video taken with Nokia N8

The best advice I think that Petra has given us is to work hard and take steps to achieve our goals. Mistakes are inevitable but not a hindrance to one’s success, all that matters is we know how to stand up and move on and just continue building our dreams.


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