Nokia x Elle Day 4: Vintage Shopping Challenge

Our 2nd challenge for Nokia and Elle is all about vintage shopping. We were given a $100 budget to spend on anything vintage. It was kind of exciting for me because I don’t really shop vintage at all and I know that there are a lot of amazing things that I can find here in New York.

Anyway, Julie, Ricardo and I went to 3 vintage shops in SOHO and all of them have some really good stuff BUT…they were so expensive! I had my eye on this Aqua Valentino button ups which cost for around $175 but I didn’t get it because obviously, it’s over the budget.Instead, I got a really nice colorful see through top which looks a bit Proenza (F/W 11) and Missoni. I also bought a gold chain necklace (OK, I know I’m into necklaces and all), so all in all my vintage voyage costs around $70 dollars, quite pricey compared with Ukay-ukay in the PH but not bad for a first timer.

| Top – Zara, Skirt – Kira Plastinina, Bag – Cole Vintage, Green Blazer – Zara, Shoes – Michael Antonio |

Julie, being filmed by Elizabeth and the gang

Bumped into Carolina from Fashion Squad at Topshop SOHO

After the vintage shopping, I went shopping withΒ Trish, she took me to DSW and I bought a pair of white sneakers from Ralph Lauren for around $24, not bad! Oh yes, and I also took the Subway, first time! haha I was so scared but it was sooooooo sooo amazing. Personally I think that the system that they’ve got there is good (they’re just a bit filthy haha).

So anyway, I went back to the hotel room to change for dinner, I had to wear my stuff I bought from the vintage shop. I didn’t have any good photos of me wearing the top though. Soooorry!

| Top – Vintage, Shorts – H&M, Shoes – Michael Antonio, Bag – Accessorize, Accessories – Accessorize |


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