Nokia x Elle Day 2: WeSC x Bing Bang + FNO

Yesterday, my co-finalists and I made a visit to WeSC Concept Store in Lafayette. We met Danielle Krasse, the PR and Manager of WeSC and she took us to the studio of Anna Sheffield. Anna Sheffield is a New York based designer, she is the brains behind the brand Bing Bang.

Anna Sheffield  is one of the most amazing accessories designer I’ve ever met. She is very talented, she has a background in sculpture, costume design, blacksmithing and even welding! She worked with several designers and brands like Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Philip Lim and Target Go International. She designs fine jewelry and haute couture jewelry for Bing Bang.

This year, Bing Bang is collaborating with WeSC to launch an amazing collection of accessories and WeSC headphones. And of course I am very lucky to be one of the people to get a first look.

I love the idea the Anna was looking to a more general market. The concept was simple yet it made so much impact. Personally, I adore every single thing because I love wearing a lot of accessories and I think it’s good to have those pieces that I could layer with just about anything whenever I feel like it.

And as Anna Sheffield said, her take on accessorizing is very personal, she didn’t want to make those statement accessories, instead she wanted to create a simple, versatile, well crafted accessories because she believes that people are entitled to be different in their own ways

To know more about WeSC + Big Bang click here.

My very own WeSC x Bing Bang Necklace

I loooooove Anna’s BB fine jewerly connector ring

The most anticipated WeSC x Bing Bang head phones

Anyway, after meeting Anna, we went back to WeSC studio and Danielle gave us pieces from their Fall 2011 collection. Then right after that the Nokia people (Meg, Katie and Prima) took us for an early dinner at the Standard Hotel. The food was great and I had a lot of fun sharing my stories with Prima and the others.

We shot a few videos right after dinner then headed back to WeSC for the FNO event and to get a first look of the WeSC x Bing Bang Campaign with model Emilie.

And of course to get more of the FNO, Jessica, Bonnie and I went to 5th Avenue to check out what’s been happening. 5th Ave was super busy last night, the street was filled with stylish people from bloggers, stylists, celebrities, models and it was so crazy. There are lots of FNO sales too. I wish we could have something like that in the Philippines.

Changed a bit for the FNO event

| Top – WeSC |

| Necklaces – Accessorize |

| Bag – Accessorize, Bangle – Accessorize, Watch – Swatch |


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