On My Way to the Big City

Hello everyone, as you may guys have known, I’ve already been blogging here in NYC! Yehey!

I left Manila around 9:45 in the morning. I was so scared since this is my first trip abroad and my first trip alone. I didn’t really exactly know how to move around the airport but thank God I made it to New York alive.

Anyway here are some of the shots I’ve taken while I was on my way to NYC

| Coat – Zara, Scarf – Accessorize, Canvas Bag – Accessorize, Leggings – Accessorize, Bracelets – Holic Accessories, Shoes – Michael Antonio, Luggage – Roxy & Zero Halliburton|

I arrived here in the USA around 4:30 pm. I had a connecting flight from Manila to Tokyo to New Jersey. The flight was really really long, not to mention tiring. And finally after long hours of sleeping, watching movies and just literally not moving…

Photos taken with Nokia N8 and Olympus EPL-1


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