Carry Me To New York City

I just had my interview in the US Embassy yesterday and good news! I finally got my visa! Yes! This is totally coming true, I’m really really flying to NYC! But I won’t be flying this September 6 because my flight has been moved on September 7, 2011, which I think is a better, because there are really lots of things that I needed to prepare and meetings that I need to attend.

Speaking of meetings, after my US Embassy interview, My sister and I headed straight to Primer Group of Companies‘ head office, to meet with Primer’s Corporate Communications Officer, Ms. Tara Valencia.

Primer Group is one of the leading retail companies in the ASEAN region. They own the following shops: Travel Club, Bratpack, Res|Toe|Run|, ROX and LadyBag. Their shops carry the most sought after brands in Travel, Footwear, Outdoor Gear etc.

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that Primer Group is the company that will be sponsoring my luggage for New York Fashion Week. Primer provided me the most amazing luggage from their leading brands in Travel goods: Zero Hallliburton, Roxy and Healthy Back Bag

Zero Halliburton Z-Flex Polycarbonate

With Ms. Joni Lim (AVP for Travel Club) and Tara Valencia (Corporate Communications Officer)

I also visited one of their stores, BratPack in Greenbelt 5 to pick up my lovely Cruise Ahead Uptight Roller Bag from Roxy and to meet up with Roxy Barrios, the brand associate for the Roxy Brand (Don’t get confused, there are two Roxy’s here :P)

With Ms. Roxy Barrios

I was really amazed on how big BratPack is in Greenbelt 5, the place is huge! There’s definitely a lot of space to move around and there are so much brands to chose from; clothing, footwear, travel goods, accessories, you name it they got it!

Here are some other photos I took inside the shop

Can I just say that I’m really really excited to carry my new luggage around NAIA, JFK and Times Square? Yep, quality and stylish brands, all from Primer Group of Companies, what more could I ask for?

So go on, visit their stores now or check out for more details about their brands.

And btw, all photos are taken with my ever reliable Nokia Pink N8 šŸ™‚

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