Nokia and Elle Final 8

4:30 AM here in the PH and I can’t sleep, I feel very very tired though. I went out with some of my friends tonight and I’m really glad to see them all! We haven’t gone out properly since our trip from Boracay and I missed them so much.

Anyway, as I kept mentioning in my previous posts, I have been chosen as one of the eight finalists to be sent to NYC by Nokia and Elle (surreal, yes, up to this moment, I still couldn’t believe it). So now I’d like you to meet the 7 other fabulous bloggers whom I will be spending my 8 days in New York with.

I love the idea that we are coming from different cultures, there’s so much to learn from these lovely people. After the final 8 had been announced, we have been tweeting for almost like everyday and I’m really really excited to meet them all in person. And I also love the idea that I will be representing the Philippines (HAHA!) my Ms. Universe frustration has somehow been fulfilled! Kidding.
Thank you for all those congratulations by the way, can’t believe that I’ll be in NYC in less than 3 weeks. Anyway I should probably take a rest, I haven’t been sleeping properly lately and there’s still so much that I need to work on.

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