Outtake Nokia x Elle Style Portfolio: Bad Romance

The Classic Remix mini-editorial is one of my entries to the Nokia and Elle’s Search for the Next Style Correspondent. I decided to post some outtakes, 1st on the list is Bad Romance, this is actually my favorite look among the bunch. I was aiming to capture this amazing balance between roughness and sweetness. The accessories are very minimal, because the lace and the biker leggings says everything already. The tulle scarf and the corset belt (which I specifically made for this shoot) are flirtatious additions.


| Top – Forever 21, Biker Leggings, Corset Belt – DIY, Tulle Scarf – DIY by Aby Valentos, Accessories by Aby Valentos, Shoes – Matthews, Nokia Pink N8|

|Photography by Jay Jallorina, Hair and Make-up by Aby Valentos, Styling by Isabelle Valentos|


You guys can still view, comment and like my Nokia and Elle Style Portfolio, and please do vote for my entry, you can do so can still vote for my entry by liking this link.

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