All About New York

Most of you of have been wondering why I’ve consistently been MIA for days, but of course I’m not! The real action in my blog is happening in my Nokia and Elle Style Portfolio.

Today is the last day of submission of our style portfolios so I’m pretty nervous! I’ve already completed mine and I’m just waiting for the final results.

And did I mention that if I surpass this round, I will be part of the 8 bloggers to be sent to New York City for the Fashion Week? Front row seats? Backstage passes? Oh YES, that’s how big this is, no wonder why it’s taking up all my time and energy! haha! New York the concrete jungle where fashion dreams are made of.

And as I’ve said, you guys could really play  a big part of helping me win, Just Click this link to like my entry and that’s it!

And to hype everyone’s energy, I’m leaving you with Pixie Lott’s new music video, featuring the new Nokia Pink N8, All About Tonight

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