Yet Another Rainy Day in Manila

Yesterday, I went to Shang with my family to attend mass and buy random stuff for my sister’s new home and for our home. I took my Nokia N8 for yet another spin and here are some of the photos

I’m currently obsessed with these green tassel earrings that was sent to me by Holic Accessories, it’s quite amazing how it can instantly add opmh in my outfit.

| Cardigan – Baguio, Top – Shop Dainty, Skirt – Forever 21, Socks – M&S, Shoes – Forever 21, Earrings – Holic Accessories, Necklace and Bracelets – DIY by Aby Valentos|


I wore a chunky cardigan because it was raining so hard here in Manila, but I kept my legs bare because its easier for me to move. The brown top I am wearing was sent by the lovely Erika Rodica of Shop Dainty, it’s really very comfortable and I am totally in love with the color. My boots of course is one of the most abused item in my closet, I wear them like almost everyday especially when it’s raining to keep my feet from collecting mud.

Btw, check out Shop Dainty and Holic Accessories, they have a lot of amazingly affordable items or you could join my giveaways! yay! keep posted on that

Anyway, if you guys are wondering why I have been so MIA in the past few weeks…. Well, I have been working of course on my style portfolio for Nokia and Elle! Final output will be released soon but for the mean time for those of you who haven’t voted for me yet, you can just click click the photo below and like my entry

Thank you!


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