Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga

I know, I know, I recently have stated my utter annoyance with Lady Gaga after that Judas video came out, but who can blame me? Edge of Glory is just an inspiring song + it has this up beat vibe that gives me this pure adrenaline rush.

Some find this MV super boring, not very Lady Gaga-ish, but I like it, she doesn’t get the creep out of me in this video..

Hmmm or maybe just a bit! Nonetheless, I’m loving her studded costume and her thick slab of eye liners.

I’m on the edge of glory…

Oh and by the way, please do support me in the Nokia and Elle’s Search for the Next Style Correspondent, Click HERE to vote for Urban Dai. I currently working on my style portfolio, so just keep the votes coming!

Photo via Rukkle.com

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