Round 3 – The Search For the Next Style Correspondent

Dear Readers,

This day has been one of the happiest days of my life, I received an email today from Nokia and Elle, congratulating me for making it to the competition’s round 3! and that’s one step closer to New York Fashion Week.


Anyway, let me share with you guys my 250-word entry to round 2

“However cliche it sounds, Fashion has always been my biggest passion. I grew up in a small town here in the Philippines, where life was simple and dressing up is not a necessity for all. Although, I wasn’t that sweet, striking girl next door, I found my confidence through clothes. And at the age of 9, I knew what I want in my life, to travel and to make it big in Fashion.

I transferred to the big city to continue my education, The city life opened new opportunities for me, this is the place where I found my niche in fashion, and that is through writing. Like fashion, I have always been finding ways in order to reinvent myself. But, in any outfit, I still manage to throw in some bits of me, it may be a bag or a pair of rocking shoes or some bold accessories. I never let myself get lost in fashion, I would always stick to my personal style and that is, edgy.

When I found out about this Elle competition, I knew that this was the moment I had been waiting for, New York, the city where dreams come to reality. I want win this not only because I love fashion but more importantly, I want to show the world what I am capable of and to inspire people like me, tell them that something amazing is waiting for us just around the corner and that everything is possible if we keep on believing.”



Honestly, I never really expected any of this, of course I wanted to win and I know that I could really do it, but then I am also ware that my competitors are fairly good as well. So I was really utterly shocked when I received the e-mail. Anyway, I’m really very thrilled in creating my style portfolio, this round will definitely make or break my New York dreams.

The competition has just begun and I know I have to step up my game and show the judges that I am worthy to become one of the 8 finalists.

Now I really need all of your help to make it to New York. All you’ve got to do is to simply “LIKE” my entry by clicking this link

Your votes will definitely play a big part in the judging process, so please please do CLICK THIS LINK and VOTE FOR MY ENTRY

Thank you so much


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