Little Fille, A Few of My Favorite Things

I came across Little Fille while I was browsing Topshop’s blog and my intial reaction was “OMG! where to get those?!”. And then I opened Little Fille’s Website and I just instantly fell inlove with all the pretty headbands.

Little Fille is a shop owned by Mari Santos, a London based designer, (who I definitely think is a Filipina), which specializes in creating unique headbands that could be worn in so many ways. What’s good about this shop is that their products are so simple and  yet so creative and innovative at the same time.

Take a look at her amazing collection

So many bows in so many different colors and patterns! My favorite among the bunch are the purple ones because they look so sweet and yummy (in a non-food way of course) and the orange ones because they make me wanna release my inner hippie.

Anyways, if you guys couldn’t still figure out why I’m so crazy about Little Fille, then you might want to check out this video

Little Fille is available at Topshop Oxford Circus, London. I hope the products could be available in the Philippines soon, Little Fille headbands are just too cute and too practical too pass up.

To know more about Little Flle and Mari Santos, check out Little

Photos via Little Fille Blog


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