UD Loves: PS1 Raspberry

Ps1 is undeniably one of the most functional yet stylish bags ever created, it is the bag that is seen in the hands of most it girls, Hollywood celebrities, fashionistas etc. The PS1 has this rugged yet refined design which makes it so chic and eye-catching. It’s available in different sizes and also in every luscious color there is. Lately, Proenza launched one it’s newest additions to the PS1 craze, meet the lovely Ps1 Raspberry.

If love is a the strongest feeling that could inspire you to do things, and if love is a many splendored things like they say in the movies, then I have definitely found my true love, in the form of Proenza PS1 Raspberry.

The moment I laid my eyes on this bag, I knew I have found “the satchel” to top off my satchels list, and even my obsessions list. Something about this bag has got me drawn to it, may it be the perfect pink color (that’s not too girly) or the suede leather, or that classic PS1 details, I can’t really tell, let’s just say that the bag got me all inspired.  And because I’m feeling all inspired… I created another set in Polyvore.

Most of the clothing are black in color, because I am still very much drawn to the rainy season here in the PH. But even so, I added just the right amount of color to kill the boredom in the outfit.  Pink of course is the most prominent color, as this set circles around the PS1 bag. Blue and orange can be found here as well.

I found a uber cool Sonia Rykiel-ish sweater in Topshop and paired it with a leather skirt. The skirt and the JC Lita shoes both gave the tough edgy chic look I was aiming for.  I tried keeping it low on the accessories part, just a statement necklace and a black watch, I could help it with the rings though, there is just so much to chose from and I specifically had my eyes on the blue triangular ring from House of Harlow.

And what better way to complete my working city girl outfit than to add the hottest new cellphone in the market? I’m talking about the Nokia pink N8 of course.

Photo via Proenza Schouler.com (PS1 Raspberry)


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