Urban Dai on The Next Style Correspondent

Nokia and Elle have teamed up to celebrate the unveiling of the new Nokia pink N8. Along with this, Nokia and Elle launched their search for the next style correspondent that will be featured in the January issue of Elle Magazine. Eight finalist will be then sent to New York to report for the New York Fashion Week this September.

The competition is currently on it’s 2nd round where 500 selected contestants are asked to write, in 250 words, why they should be the next “Nokia Style Correspondent.”

I am very grateful to make it to round two, I submitted my photo for the first round not expecting anything ad I was just really shocked when I received an email from Nokia and Elle that I made it to round two.

Now that I’ve submitted my 250 blog entry, all I need is your help, I need more likes in order to get to round three. The third phase will then begin on July 8th and only 50 semi-finalists will be chosen to create their very own style portfolios. Below is my entry to the competition


Voting ends on July 3, 2011 (2 more days to go!). As I’ve said in my entry I want win this not only because I love fashion but more importantly, I want to show the world what I am capable of and to inspire people like me, tell them that something amazing is waiting for us just around the corner and that everything is possible if we keep on believing.

Again, all you have to do is to CLICK THIS LINK and VOTE FOR MY ENTRY! Thank you so much!


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