Something Borrowed

My look last Saturday had a little bit much of a theme,  I decided to wear borrowed stuff from people around the house (partly because my clothes are still in the laundry and because I was shooting for Urban Ukay’s “The Second Season” collection).

| Top – Gap, Skirt – Forever 21, Necklace – M}phosis, Bag – Mango, Shoes – Matthews|


I wore a long-sleeved plaid shirt, which I borrowed from my 7 year old brother, because the weather was so unpredictable and I wanted to wear something comfortable . I paired the causal top with with a rather dressy bottom, yes, a bandage skirt. It was actually my first time to wear a bandage skirt ever, and it’s one of the most uncomfortable yet flattering type of clothing I’ve ever worn my whole life. I like it so much that I might actually get one for myself. For the accessories, I wore a rocking collar necklace, also from my sister and a bag from Urban Ukay. To complete the look, I  decided to wear my own shoes, these are actually one of my favorite pairs because it’s very comfortable and it’s give a bit of an edge to just anything (and because I love purple).

Anyway, after the photo shoot, my boyfriend and I headed to our friend’s dinner party, up north. It was actually just a simple get together with some of my college friends. We spent the whole night eating, catching up, playing Fruit Ninja (girls) and playing 2k11 (boys).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a great week, I’m expecting something really really nice and I hope I could really get it! Will update you guys sooooon!


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