What to Wear: June Rain

June in the Philippines signifies a lot of things (back to school, weddings, etc) but more than anything, June is normally the time when the rain starts to pour. Actually rainy is one of my favorite seasons here in the PH, I love it because the air is cold and the rain could be an excuse to wear boots and to layer on as much clothes as possible.

Anyway, since I’m feeling all inspired lately, I created a new set on Polyvore. The set is a mixture of black hues and some splash of color. I didn’t settle for the boring black-gray-white monochrome and I also didn’t include an outerwear since June would be a point of transition, (Summer to Rainy), so it’s not really 100% freezing all the time and I want to keep it light and breezy.

Included also in this set are my current obsessions (which could be found on the right sidebar):

  • Mulberry Alexa Medium Cabbage Bag – the newest addition to the Alexa craze
  • Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes – I realized yesterday that I never own any black boots yet and JC is just the perfect boots, since it never goes out of style.
  • YSL Gold Bib Necklace – This is a casual version of the one I have on my sidebar
There are lots of options in rainy dressing, some might prefer wearing the simple “jacket-jeans-sneaks” style or some might want to go over the top with “maxi-jacket-boots”,  it’s actually up to you, whatever you feel. Just remember that the streets are gonna be all sploshy and wet so if in doubt, best to go for something that you’re comfortable in wearing.
Oh and by the way, I updated my blog’s look, how do you guys like it?

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