Urban Dai on Philippine Star (06112011)

Yesterday, I received a tweet from a high school friend telling me she saw me on the June 11, 2011 issue of Philippine Star and so I begged her to take a photo of the newspaper because I would surely never find any copy of that anymore here in Manila.

I received the photos this afternoon and truth to be told, I was (and I am up to now) really really happy. I haven’t been featured in any print media before, so it’s really overwhelming to see myself on one of the major broadsheets here in the Philippines (If you have been reading my FAQ’s you will see that this is one of my dreams).

Anyway here are the photos

The article is for RedHead’s Model Search, my fellow bloggers and I were asked how we feel about Redhead’s new collection and how are we going to promote the brand and the model search.

I’m really really hoping I could get a hard copy of this issue so I could show my parents! πŸ™‚ So whoever is kind enough to send me one, please do get in touch with me through email or twitter (I’m serious! hahaha!)

PS. Many thanks to Blesy Pineda, OmnicomMediaGroup (esp Cristel and Mika) and Redhead


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