Three is a Crowd, So Don’t Mess Around

I was at home and I was so bored yesterday and since I was also taking shots of my for sale clothes forUrban Ukay, I took the opportunity to take shots of myself. And so after long long weeks (probably months) of not updating my Lookbook account, I finally decided to post a new photo

| Top – Redhead, Skirt – Forever 21, Boots – Forever 21, Belt – RedHead, Accessories – DIY|


I decided to wear my Redhead cropped top, which I got for free during the Redhead fashion show event. I was supposed to wear wedges but I opted to wear boots because I’ve been keeping this pair for a while.

Whipping my hair back and forth, talk about getting bored! I could get used to this.

I know, I know I’ve also gained weight, I have been staying here at home for a month now doing nothing but to eat, sleep, go online and find a job. I should be losing a few pounds though, my boyfriend’s sister is getting married on Saturday and I don’t want to be wearing a sack. Nay!



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