For the Love of Satchel

Since I have been bumming around for more than a week now, I decided to motivate myself with a little bit of inspiration. Yup, satchels.

A Satchel is a bag, often with a strap. The strap is often worn so that it diagonally crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip and is usually used for carrying school books.

Nowadays, because of brands like Mulberry and Proenza, the satchel had become one of the most popular bags ever. They have been quickly seen on the likes of celebrities and fashionistas. It’s actually undeniable because satchels are the most functionable bags ever! perfect for those girls like me, who carry a whole lot of stuff all the time.

Anyway, here are my top satchel picks

First, Mulberry Alexa Mini in Watermelon, I have been dying to have one of these bags since last year, actually it’s the Oak color that I really wanted but I just couldn’t resist the sweetness of the Watermelon.

Second, Proenza PS1 Medium in Green and Purple. The PS1 had been a hit since 2008 and it’s   often compared with the Alexa, but really, they’re totally different.

The Ps1 has this rugged yet refined design which makes it chic and eye-catching. The Alexa has a more slouched design and it uses a thicker leather than Ps1, which gives it a more vintage vibe. In order to not get confused, let’s just say that Ps1 is more of New York whereas the Alexa is more of London.

Last, is the Cambridge Satchel Company in Yellow, now this one has more of a classic old English boy feel. The leather is genuine but a lot thicker than the Alexa and Ps1 (probably even combined! I’m not really sure).  These bags are in trend at the moment, a lot cheaper than the other satchels and are available in a variety of yummy colors!

There you are, some of my most coveted bags, the “will be” fruits of my labor in the future! They might have certain similarities but I would definitely would love to have them all.

Which bag do you like best?



9 thoughts on “For the Love of Satchel

  1. rmi

    tet!!!!!!! let’s buy Cambridge satchel! i want the blue or violet! 6k is okay?!
    waaaahhhh!! what is money????!!! hell!! let’s buy!!!

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