BTS: Biggest Hair Commercial

Last Sunday, My sister and I were invited to join Pantene’s biggest hair commercial at Hacienda Isabella Tagaytay. Pantene invited about hundreds of women to go on a commercial with Angelica Panganiban. It was a whole day event, they prepared lots of activites for all the ladies who join.

We arrived at Tagaytay at aroung 7 am and we were served breakfast and they did a bit of briefing. After that, we headed to the hair and make-up. I don’t really like to complain and give an attitude but really, my hair and make up really sucks, my look was way better before the make-up people touched it. We were given the instruction to put on some simple and fresh makeup and that’s what my sister and I did but then the MUA erased it all then added some expired make-up on my face, which was totally itchy and the result was not fresh at all. I couldn’t fix it though, because all our bags were left in the bus.

Anyway, the shoot started right after the hair and make-up, and lots of other activities followed. It was a very tiring event actually, we were all exposed in the sun for hours without any sunblock and all, but it was also fun at the same time, my sister and I met new friends and Pantene gave us freebies. They also gave out prices! five lucky girls won 20,000 each.

And so here are some of the behind the scenes photos, will update you guys on the commercial sooooon

my sister and I on the bus

Angelica P

team J during breakfast

on set

Team J, Lunch time – tied my hair because it was so freakin hot

Team J, finally going home



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