No Strings Attached

I watched No Strings Attached (Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher) with my boyfriend they other day, and I’m like really hooked with this movie until today, just couldn’t get over with it yet. It’s actually the 2nd funniest romantic-comedy I’ve seen this year, next to Love and Other Drugs.

The story basically goes around with Adam (Ashton) and Emma (Natalie) two friends, who first met when they were teenagers at the summer camp and just find their way back to each other on the present. They tried to keep their relationship strictly physical, which is actually Emma’s idea of a perfect hookup. They started setting some ground rules for each other to prevent their relationship from becoming too serious. At first things go well, but it wasn’t that long till they felt that this casual thing that they’re doing is leading them somewhere, actually it was Adam who felt it first, Emma was just being hardcore heartbreaker who was trying to resist her feelings, you know what I’m talking about.

And the rest for you guys to see

And oh, BTW,  I don’t recommend this movie for people below 18 years old, not that it’s x-rated, it’s just me, I’m pretty much being conservative here, but it’s a great movie and Natalie Portman looks totally adorable here.


2 thoughts on “No Strings Attached

  1. rmi

    i enjoyed this movie! watched it with my boyfriend too.. I also have a thing for romance comedy.. 🙂 Ashton is really a hunk! never imagined they would look good together as screen partners. :)) I think the story is very predictable.. watcha say?

    • Isabelle Valentos

      Ashton is soo funny! and Natalie is just too cute, they look superduper good together! ❤
      yes, the story is quite predictable! but still, it's sweet hahaha reminds me of me and paul HAHAHAHAHA ❤

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