Urban Dai Goes to Boracay: Last Summer Skin

Day 5 was our last day in Boracay so we had to make most out of our stay and sun was shining brightly that day, good thing we had bunch of activities lined up.

First activity on our list was the Fly Fish, but I passed on this one and so I was tasked to take pictures and videos. I was riding on the speed boat, which somehow was equally terrifying, in my opinion.

After the Flyfish, my friends and I decided go snorkeling and island hopping again, all hoping that we could get to visit at least one island and get a clearer peek under the sea (we failed on this one, the waves were just as bad as day 4).

We landed on Crystal Cove, an semi-parkish island in Boracay and entered two mini caves, don’t even bother asking how we got ourselves inside, the passageway (for both caves) were just too small, good thing I’m not claustrophobic.

Anyway, we found some rock formations inside but the real stunning deal was was the crystal clear water rushing and smashing against the rocks, the sound of it was just so relaxing.

showing off my tan

arrival at Crystal Cove

inside cave 1

water inside cave 2

After island hopping, we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. Buffet was re-scheduled on this day and since it was our last day to wear swimsuits I ate almost everything from the buffet table, I actually got a little carried away with the mussels, and you guys wouldn’t want to know what happened the next day.

photos c/o Chapi and Paul


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