Urban Dai Goes to Boracay: Soak Up the Sun

Day 4 in Boracay was scheduled for snorkeling and beach hopping, and yes, we did try to snorkel, but the weather was just so bad and the waves were just not healthy for swimming, let alone snorkeling and so we just ate lunch at this small island (I forgot the name) then we went back to Nigi Nigi for a few cocktails and went home to rest.

It was also Marc’s birthday and we planned to eat buffet for dinner but the boys woke up late and buffets were closed already so we just ate at Mang Inasal at D*Mall and re-scheduled our buffet for the next day.

After dinner, we had a drinking session at the hotel

funny how vendors find new ways to do business, Manong came near our boat in kayak and sold us fresh coconuts, yum.

Chapi, Marc and Clyde, waiting for our lunch

Orange Juice from Nigi Nigi

This day was one of the most tiring day in Boracay ever

photos c/o Chapi and Paul


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