Urban Dai Goes to Boracay: First of Summer

I was very excited for this trip because of two things, first is because it’s my first time ever to go to Boracay (I know, a bit late) and two is because it’s also my first time ever to go on an out of town trip with my friends.

We were supposed to arrive on the afternoon of March 24, 2011 but because our flight was delayed (for 6 hours) we arrived at Boracay Island by 9pm, lesson learned: NEVER EVER BOOK ZEST AIR AGAIN for they are the most unsatisfying, ineffective airlines in the Philippines ever.

Anyway the photos here are taken on our 2nd day in Boracay. We went at Nigi Nigi for lunch and had few drinks. I  definitely would recommend this place, best spicy chicken I’ve ever tasted and their burgers are good too. We actually just spent the whole day swimming, pigging out and beach bumming.

Paul and I at FIC, D Mall. We stayed there for a while because it was raining, the weather was actually awful during our stay, very cloudy with partial rainfall and just 30% sunlight.

Walking by the beach-semi-paparazzi photos with Chapi and Clyde

Post-cardish photo with Paul

Bikini shots! (HAHA!)

Boys on the Grotto

And girls on the shore

Friends 🙂

Photos c/o Paul and Chapi



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