UD Style Star Series: Belle Daza

photos via Isabelle Daza Facebook Fan Page

Isabelle Diaz Daza, or Belle Daza as what most people call her is one of those Filipina’s whom I have been dying to meet. She’s a 21 year old ramp, print and commercial model and a daughter of former Miss Universe, Ms. Gloria Diaz. Belle Daza is one of  Manila’s well known “IT Girls”.

Belle’s take on fashion epitomizes her free-spririted lifestyle – very fresh and age-appropriate. She is often photographed wearing clothes that are a mix of the highs and the lows, she loves wearing short shorts and she loves to re-work stuffs from her mom and pair it with something new to create that sort of unique look.

Personally, What I love about Belle is the fact the she knows how to look absolutely stunning in her own skin. She has this fresh face and a carefree-natural sense of style that makes her stand out from the crowd.



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