Urban Dai’s Beach Must Haves

Hello everyone, It’s almost summer here in the PH and I’m getting pretty excited with my scheduled summer trip so I decided to create a set of my must-haves for this season.

This set is actually the simplest I’ve done so far probably because of the general fact that Summer is about shedding off some clothes and showing off some skin. So I  included the things that a girl should never ever forget to bring: a cover up, bikini, a pair of sunnies, scarf (because it’s one of the most useful garments in the beach), a pair of sandals, bangles, a bag and of course, sunblock.

Now what you girls need to get this Summer is a huge straw hat, you know, just to a bit of that bohemian vibe and to keep the sun from getting into the face 🙂




2 thoughts on “Urban Dai’s Beach Must Haves

  1. rmi

    this served as my guide before i went to potipot with my boyfriend 🙂
    really helpful hope you’ll post more “must haves” in the future! ❤

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