Urban Dai ♥s Topshop’s Spring 2011 Collection

The rule for Topshop’s Spring 2011 collection is pretty simple: MIX anything with everything  (it’s like seeing a flower child collaboration with a 90’s girl), but do not forget to stuff on some few key pieces.

1. Mix your crochet with florals, suede or denim to get that folksy country girl feel

2. Ditch your skinny jeans and replace it with flared jeans, yes, flared. Pair it with an over sized top and maybe layer on some feather to keep that folk rocker mood on.

3. For a rather bohemian vibe, get some mid calf length skirt on! and to add a little twist wear in in a pretty sorbet shade like the one above and pair it with a clashing sheer loose top and add up some pretty headband

4. And if you are feeling a bit experimental why not wear flared pants? in prints! You can try mixing different fabrics with different textures, patterns and colors, wear them at once and just stand out from the crowd!

5. Denims matched with some earthly tones and some red and turquoise accessories are perfect for those casual chic weekends. For a more edgy look, add up some straw hat.

6. And to top it all, wear your bright colored accessories with a simple monochromatic outfit to keep the boredom out of the style system!

photos via Topshop.com

Aren’t you guys excited for Spring? well I am






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