1-2-11 The Day I Turned Forever 21

Here are some photos from my birthday


Top – Forever21; Lace Shorts – Forever 21; Bag – Accessorize; Shoes – Forever21

Decided to wear this cute lace shorts which was given to me by my mom for Christmas (kringle gift), I super duper adore this pair, because it’s comfortable to wear and it really compliments my legs (of course that my own POV and my mom’s)

more photos below

Rocking some brown booties with my sister Aby

Some fun jump shots with my other siblings

And even up to this day, I still can’t believe that I already turned 21






2 thoughts on “1-2-11 The Day I Turned Forever 21

  1. lala

    hiii. i got the same bag from accessorize. just wondering ganun ba talaga yung color nung corner nung flag parang off white. yours kasi it looks white. the bag that i got kasi last stock na i’m not sure if it’s dirty or what. thank u. nice outfit post btw. =].

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