Urban Dai’s NY Resolution

I just got home from a fun night with my college friends and I decided to write my NY’s resolution. Last year, I’ve accomplished most of the things I wrote on my planner like to lose weight, to get a job that would pay for all my shopping expenses and to love more. This year would be a whole lot like the other year except for a few things, but then I would be listing everything, anyway to start off

1. For the next year, I’d like to be more organized with my schedule, I would then be listing all the my tasks for the week and for the day in my organizer.

2. I’d like to spend more time with the people I miss the most (specially my friends from college)

3. More income

4. More posts for Urban Dai, that includes self portraits and I will try my very best to post all my daily shenanigans (Oh, and yes Lookbook)

5. To travel more

6. And Lastly, I’d like to be skinny be the middle of the year! how I’m gonna do it? Gosh, I don’t know, but It’s project skinny on 2011

And I wanted to thank you all, All my avid readers, my friends, my sisters and passers by who kept on supporting my blog from May 2010 till this day. It’s been a great year for me and I’m glad to embrace the New Year to come!

I love you all and expect more from me on 2011.

Thank you and Happy New Year!






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