Urban Dai ♥’s Accessorize Union Jack Weekend Bag

And now that I’m done updating everyone with my Christmas stuffs, I can now share my latest latest purchase.

So My dad and my sister dropped me and my mom in Shang today to meet someone and after the meeting I helped my mom look for track pants/harem pants.

I brought my mom in Accessorize because I wanted to show her some cute finds and I because I secretly wanted her to get me something because I never own anything from Accessorize yet (not until today).

Then I saw this absolutely gorgeous union jack canvas weekend bag and the moment I laid eyes on it, I just instantly fell in love. I’ve always wanted a bag with a British flag on it, in fact, I’m totally obsessed with anything British (Robert Pattinson, London school, Harry Potter, Becky Bloomwood, Topshop, etc. etc.)

I was really dying to get my hands on it, but my mom dragged me to Kira Plastinina, but I couldn’t get my thoughts out of that bag! And I’ve already imagined myself wearing it with my new clothes and I plan to use it for like a thousand times and honestly, I was really scared that someone else might buy it ahead of me (because it’s the only piece left) And so I dragged my mom back in Accessorize and asked her to get it for me (on credit of course).

My mom told me that the people from Accessorize were laughing at me, we’ll they probably haven’t encountered some obsessed buyer like me and probably thought I was insane but IDC, I have my new bag and I love it!

photo via Accessorize.com

Lovely, isn’t?




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