Christmas Gossip is Love

Dearest Readers and passers by,

I could never ever explain in words how deeply happy I am right now, today is my first day (or first half day, I must say) of my Christmas vacation, finally! after 8 months of non-stop corporate living, I’m here at home, thinking about my daddy (because he’s coming home from abroad today) and some parties to organize and blogs to post. Oh and yes, I’ve been thinking about Christmas and a whole lot of activities I want to get myself in.

I really really miss those days in college, I usually spend my Christmas break here at home doing nothing but to eat lots of desserts and just lie down to watch a non-stop marathon of Star Wars, Harry Potter, The OC or whatever movie/TV show is available. And since I’ve been missing a lot of Blair and Serena lately, I think a 24 hour of Gossip Girl marathon wouldn’t hurt. Maybe I could add that to my Christmas wishlist? A whole complete series of Gossip Girl season 2-4 (or half of season 4 maybe)

Ok, I’ve finally completed my wishlist, I know I won’t be receiving the 90% of these things (because I’ve seen my gifts already! haha lame I know, I’ve ever wrapped the others myself) but I really really want the DVD set so badly, so whoever is nice enough to get me one, it’s never too late! I accept gifts until January 2! 🙂

Anyway, I’m hoping to see Blair, Serena and the others soon, until my next post. I love you all!

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