Urban Dai <3 Topshop Holiday 2010

I’d like to welcome y’all to my new blog lay out (Ok, I know I just changed the polka into snow flakes but still). I got inspired with all things holiday since it’s just 8 days left before Christmas and because I could really feel the cold here in Manila, even without the snow.

Anyway, check out this holiday video I found from Topshop. Directed by Angelo Pennetta and styled by super stylist Francesca Burns, Topshop created one of the most stylish celebration there is around!

And of course, I’ve picked out my favorite pieces from the collection

I’ve created a very simple monotone set for this Topshop Holiday since it’s the most likely look that I’d be wqearing for Christmas (my family has this thing for all black dresses every Christmas).

I specifically fell in love with the black embellished dress the moment I saw it on Topshop. I paired it with a simple black suede heels to get the balance and added a quirky black bag and even though I’m tired with hair accessories, I couldn’t help but add a flower head band. For a jacket, I just picked out a gray ruched sleeve blazer and to complete the Christmas look, I added lips and tint make-up from Topshop.

I’m all smiles for this set, gosh, I’m just so excited for Christmas!






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