Urban Dai ♥’s Lancome La Touche Pro

Yesterday, I was invited to L’Oreal’s exclusive Luxury products sale at L’Oreal Philippines in Ortigas, I wasn’t able to come so I asked my sisterAby to go.

I was expecting to get some discounted eye liner from Shu Uemura or Lancome but there weren’t any stocks left so my sister asked me if I wanted a new concealer. Yes, I do need one because my old Revlon Beyond Natural cream concealer (which I really really adore) ran out already. So anyway she got me a Lancome La Touche Pro concealer.

photo via Lancome La Touche Pro

The packaging is really lovely, it was acutally designed by Aaron De Mey. It has a slim and nomad black laquered packaging making it very easy to carry. Mine’s got 30 medium color, perfectly matches my skin type (what I really needed).

On the more practical side, I wouldn’t think this concealer would last for more than 3 months (if used everyday), because it’s very small and compact (and it’s very expensive, I got a discounted price but still), but Packaging wise I would give this little thingy a perfect 10.




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