Urban Dai ♥’s Smythson Diaries

One of my major major weakness before was that, I was (stress on the WAS) a former procrastinator and I actually got a hung of it when I was in 2nd year college. Ok, next question here is how?

One reason behind procrastination is of course poor time management, before most of my time are wasted on doing non sense things but then I learned to used the power of a simple TM tool and that is of course an organizer.

I started out with a Starbucks organizer that was given to me by my sister and what I usually do (except for doodling and stuff) was to write all my errands and priorities for the day like “don’t forget to pay for books” or “stop being lazy and do your homework”, so it’s sort of like I’m telling myself what to do and it worked.

Organizing helped me out a lot in college, especially because I quickly forget things (I secretly believe that I may have possessed probably like 50% of ADHD, but don’t tell anyone). So until now I’ve been carrying this free coffee planner from Starbucks wherever I go.

I’m also opting to get my 2011 planner (calories and cellulites, here we go). Don’t get me wrong I love Starbucks but a cup really puts in a lot of fat in ass. But I actually think it’s far lot cheaper to get a Starbucks planner than to splurge on money on those FAB planners in the market. Well, except for one brand.

So If I were asked to spend money on a different planner then I would have to choose SMYTHSON planners from London.

A Smythson diary represents over 100 years of craftsmanship, timeless quality, discreet good taste and innovative design. From our first ever agenda, the Royal Court Diary, introduced in 1895, to a Fashion Diary in the latest seasonal leather, each diary features signature Smythson watermarked paper, a durable thread-sewn binding and our exclusive editorial printed in Smythson house fonts, bound in the finest leathers in Hertfordshire, England.

Below are the photos of my favorite picks

Photos via SMYTHSON of Bond Street and Starbucks.com


This is very pricey for a planner but every Smythson piece is a work of art, brit stars like Emma Watson even carries 4! So it wouldn’t really hurt to covet such loveliness especially that super gorge purple lizard skin on the photo above (2).



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