Intet, The Dreamer

Whenever I haven’t got anything else to do, I usually Google some random things over the internet and so tonight I decided to Google my name (my nickname, actually).

A while ago, my officemate asked me why was I being called Intet, then I told her that I was a bit of a mumbler way way back that I couldn’t even tell my real nickname straight, oh by the way, my real nickname was Princess (now try mumbling and you’ll see what I mean). Anyway, my officemate told me that there was this game card called Intet and it was tagged as “Intet, The Dreamer”. I got really curious because that is how I was described my most people (and even my zodiac, oh and even Facebook quizzes!) and of course I knew for a fact that I am a day dreamer myself as in literally!

So, as I’ve said, I Googled and found that card my officemate was talking about and here it is

Photo via

Ok, so this is some sort of card game that I am actually unfamiliar of but as you can see the legendary creature for this card is a dragon, which of course can fly, oh maybe that’s why it’s called a dreamer. Well I can fly too (or at least my mind does like 60% of my time, don’t get me wrong, I get things done when I’m in the middle of daydreaming of some sort),  but I don’t actually look like a dragon, do I?


Intet, The Dreamer


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