Urban Dai ♥ UST Paskuhan

Christmas is really in the air! and I was browsing in Facebook and I saw this nice photo of my alma mater.

Every Christmas season UST is filled up with monstrous lanterns and beautiful lights, this is of course in preparation for the most sought after and most beautiful event in school, the UST Paskuhan.

Though there isn’t really much anything to do than walk, eat, take pictures and watch the fireworks, Paskuhan is visited by a whole lot of people every year. Paskuhan is also that one day in where I get to unite with my friends in Accountancy.

These are photos from 2007, my first ever Paskuhan, I was in 2nd year college then, and I was really excited to see the fireworks. Oh, how time passes, This year is actually the last Paskuhan before UST turns 400 years in 2011, much preparations were done and I’m sure this is going to be another historical event for the Thomasian community.

Can’t wait till December 17!

Photo via UST  Paskuhan Facebook



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