Minnie Mouse for Forever 21

For those kid at hearts, well this collaboration is just for you, H&M may have Lanvin but Forever 21 is also getting there. And right now, they’ve collaborated with one of the most famous American Icons of all time. And who could that be?

Minnie Mouse!

Photo via The Skinny

F21: What sparked the creation of your line?
MM: The upcoming collection follows my shopping adventures as I visited fashion capitals—London, Paris and Tokyo—in preparation for the line.
F21: What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your collection?
MM: Girls who like to have fun whenever they can.
F21: How would you describe personal style?
MM: Sweet, independent, fun-loving, girlish & wholesome
F21: What are some of your favorite trends this season?
MM: Bows and anything with polka dots.
F21: What is your favorite piece of the collection?
MM: It’s hard to pick just one piece, but I guess the Minnie Mouse stockings, because they go well with my pumps.

– The Skinny

Gosh I’m so excited for this collection, As Minnie said expect all things girlie and think bow and polka dots to!

I love that all my favorite retail stores are having this creative and unique collection for Christmas! 🙂 I’m getting excited for the Holidays again.




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