Up in the Air with some Fresh Air

I’ve been catching up with blogging lately because I was so busy with things these past few days and my netbook still has this slash thing going on so I wasn’t able to post stuffs for a while, good thing my sister lent me her Macbook but I’m getting confused with the keys specially cause I’m using 2 computers all at the same time. Lame as it may seem but it works for me!

Anyway, I almost forgot to tell you guys about how my day was last November , 2010. My family missed out the All Saints Day, actually we’ve being missing it out for almost 4 years already (I think). Instead of just staying at home (like we the usual), we headed to the south for some fresh air and Native Chicken Sinampalucan (Chicken in Tamarind Soup).

Polka Top – Forever21; Denim Skirt – Forever21; Bow Wedges – SO FAB; Black Blazer – Anne Taylor; Camel Bag – H&M; Nerdy Glasses – A.S.S. Shop; Owl Necklace – Bazaar(ed)


After dinner we headed to this Italian coffee shop something and had coffee and dessert! (Ok I know I keep on forgetting things, next time maybe I should bring a notebook or something so I would always be reminded on the places I go to).

photos c/o Aby Valentos

So there you have it, my weekend last week and surprise! it’s another weekend again today, I already had my day planned for later, some really cool stuff with my sister, will tell more about it tomorrow (I mean later).

Happy Weekend everyone! 🙂



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