Urban Dai ♥’s Laura Mercier Flawless Philosophy

Do you ever guys wish that you could steal the skin of those models in the glossy pages of the magazine?

Laura Mercier shares the secret of  flawless faces and how can it be achieved with just 4 simple make-up steps.

1. Prime the Skin – Primers are used to set a barrier between the skin and the foundation to ensure freshness and long lasting effect. Laura Mercier introduced the first ever foundation primer in 1996.

2. Apply Foundation – Laura Mercie created her foundations to be used where needed or in layers to provide buildable coverage

3. Conceal – Laura’s secret camouflage concealer is formulated with a high level of pigment so your skin will achieve complete coverage with little product use

4. Set with Powder – Laura recommends that everyone set their make-up with a translucent setting powder because it has no color pigment and it will not distort the color of your make-up.

4 steps to flawless face adapted from: Laura Mercier Official Website

And of course, as a treat to all the lovely ladies out there who dying to get a natural/flawless skin, Laura Mercier offers her flawless philosophy in a special value set!

The set includes the four make-up steps tools (primer, foundation, concealer and translucent setting powder), 2 brushes and sponges all to achieve Laura’s flawless look!

Could you guys believe this? the Laura flawless philosophy set is priced at 2,950 pesos (more or less). It’s the perfect Christmas gift to your mom, sister, friend or even me (haha!). So I’ll definitely be including this in my Urban Dai Christmas wishlist.



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