2nd Wave of Halloween 2010

Hello everyone, I just woke up from a rather blah dream,oh yes, it’s all saints day today, we’ll we’re not going home to our beloved province today and I think my family will be spending this holiday in some cold place down south.

So last night, my siblings and I had our very own version of Halloween Trick or Treat. We were actually supposed to give out candies to the kids here in Cali but apparently they’re all fast asleep, so we went to surprise my sister’s friend instead.

Oh whatever! it was an EPIC FAIL!  But dressing up was fun anyway 🙂


This was my pre-halloween get up, I wore this to church and used this as a base for my twisted Halloween costume.

(Skirt – Forever21; Top – Stefanel; Shoes – Forever21; Glasses – A.S.S. Shop)

And there I was, a geeky ballerina, I used again the same shirt and skirt I wore that morning then added my purple tights, purple pumps, purple brooch and tied my hair up to a bun with a purple bow, and the glasses of course 🙂
(Skirt – Forever21; Top – Stefanel; Purple Tights – Warehouse Clothing; Shoes – Enzo; Brooch – DIY; Ribbon – DIY; Glasses – A.S.S. Shop)
So here are some other photos from last night
My sister A, wearing a Chinese kimono or whatever you call it, she’s a Chinese girl of course
My sister L, was wearing a long purple gown and could you guys guess what she is? yes, a DRAG QUEEN. HAHA!
And my baby brother was dressed up like Harry Potter, Super cute I must say! 🙂
If there was something that my siblings and I have in common it would have to be, well it’ll have to be the fact that we were all wearing purple! haha it wasn’t planned but we all came out to be wearing the same hue.
So anwyays, I gotta go, breakfast is served



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