First of Halloween 2010

Yesterday, I was with my siblings at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate this year’s Halloween. Of course the party was for kids, so I didn’t wear any costume. My brother is wearing a cowboy costume (aww, he’s really growing up) and his friend is wear a dracula costume.

It was actually so much fun in Edsa Shangri-la, they got the whole thing organized, from games, shows, food and stuffs.

(Black cardigan – Landamark; T-shirt/Dress – TRF by ZARA; Abstract Skirt – Alysi; Oxfords – Forever21; Bag – H&m)


Actually my skirt was bought by my mom (and I don’t know if this was already given or just lent :P). It’s an abstract purple skirt which is almost 1 or 2 inches above the knee so I had to fold it and add a belt for a more semi polished look.

So that’s it for my first of Halloween






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