When Our Heart Breaks, It Sucks (It’s the same thing anyway)

This is a rather early post from moi, but I woke up really early and my keys aren’t weird yet so I guess Imma have to blog. Well I’ve been lost for 3 days really, 50% of non-blogging preference is caused by my keyboard which produces this some sort of /// when I type letters or press the space and backspace keys. I’m still trying to find out why it’s happening and of course I need a keyboard 911.

Anyway, What have I been up to for the past 3 days? Well it’s the last day of the long weekend today and aside from the happy long weekend rush-going out late with friends-sleeping at the lobby (haha)..I’ve been having The Script LSS lately, so I guess I’m just at this pretty awful stage of life where I could imagine people and hear them singing inside my head (ow goodness, I hate waking up in the morning).

Anyway, here’s Breakeven






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