Breakfast and British Dreams

My sister and I woke up early for an early appointment in the exact same place where we used to live, about 4 years ago. Nostalgia was all over my system this morning and I really missed walking on a weekend morning and just literally breathing semi-fresh air.

Anyway, the person whom we were supposed to be having a meeting with was late so we ate breakfast first in Starbucks Lee Garden.

OK there I was reading a magazine and sipping Green Tea Frap early in the morning while my sister takes test shots using her Olympus Pen camera.

I was wearing no more but a black cardigan, a floral top from H&M, white shorts from Forever21 and a pair of pink flip flops from Tribu (and absolutely zero make-up on).

My sister, in a soft focus camera mode

And our breakfast, some grilled cheese-ham sandwich something and a banana bread plus hot coffee for my sister and Green Tea Frap for me.

The morning was spent on a nice funny talk on how much I wanted to live in London and how I am going to do it. I gave her my not only impossible but hilarious ideas on how I was gonna reach my dreams and she just laughed about it, but we came up with a nice idea in the end, hope it’ll work.

Photo via AbyValentos




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