My Weekend Sale

I haven’t been updating in while for I haven’t rested since Thursday.

So I was out last Thursday for a trade launch of L’Oreal Paris hair care sachets, but I haven’t got the photos yet, so I’ll probably talk about that some other time (but I got a picture with my long lost sister! hahahaha guess who).

Anyway, today, I was out again, my sister and I went to this wedding hair and make-up service in Holiday Inn Galleria this morning.

Then after that we headed to Megamall for a taste of the F21 sale, which I could say, the most tiring thing I’ve ever done my whole life, good thing I was pretty satisfied with my purchases.

Yep, that’s me, looking extremely haggard over the counter section, this was after 4 hours of f21-ing. WTH

Then I met up with my boyfriend at Trinoma with my friends Chapi and Marc, we watched this movie called RED, starring Bruce Willis. it’s a story of a retired CIA agent, which was coded as RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) and whose life was in danger because of some secret thing that happened in 1981 Guatemala. On his mission, he gets to meet again some of his past collegues, who will then be his team mates and who provided a blast of humor in the movie.

All in all the movie was awesome and would recommend it as a MUST SEE.

Anyway, I’m really very very sleepy, I had to go now, will tell you guys a bit more about my latests adventures sooon.

Good night everyone

Photos: Forever 21 photo via Aby Valentos’ new EPL-1; Red movie poster




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