Blogs vs. Magazines

Have you guys ever noticed that the blogging industry (if there was such) is slowly killing the magazine publishing industry?

This theory of mine is actually based on personal reading preferences. Of course nothing beats an actual reading material but I just felt like now that everything is almost DIY and everyone can be a model/stylist/writer/photographer/MUA on their own, then it’s almost very passe to get a copy of a magazine knowing that you could also get ALMOST, if not the same content over the internet?

Too bad, I’ve somehow dream of having my works published on a magazine before (but of course I’m not closing my doors for any opportunities in the future haha!) and I actually worked for a magazine publication company, as an intern but if I were to chose over a local fashion magazine or a local fashion blog, I would really prefer to read the blog. It’s more fun to read because there’s always something new everyday and of course it’s easier to relate to real people.

Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editorial from September 2010 is pretty inviting though

And of course I would always love Vogue, Instyle, Elle and NYLON

photo: British Vogue via Fashion Gone Rogue; Metro Fashion Editorial via Facebook




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