I am a Child of the 90’s

Yes, it’s my favorite day of the week again, I was out with my boyfriend for coffee and he brought up this topic about the things that we miss about 90’s or some of the things that the kids today would never enjoy anymore (or something like that).

So here are the things he said:

1. Film camera, or that crazy feeling whenever you hear the rewind sound of your camera.

2. Getting lost, we have all means of communications today plus GPS, so people nowadays don’t just get lost. (I don’t believe this because I still get lost!)

3. WALKMAN. I’m not talking about your MP3 player but the stereo Walkman that we all used to love. MP3 killed the taped song!

My version is totally different:

1. Mom forcing me to wear brown jumpers+combat boots or green jumper+combat boots or just about anything that has to do with wearing jumper and boots.

2. Polly pockets. I had mine in Pocahontas version. (This could still be in trend though, but it could never be as popular as before, given all the choices of toys nowadays)

3. Last but not the least, my whole 90’s revolved around, who else, but the Spice Girls! (and don’t forget about the Spice Girls lolli, which had stickers on it)

photo source: Pentax, Sony Walkman, Poly Pocket, Spice Girls

What are the things that remind you of your childhood?




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