Urban Dai Loves Lumix Lx5

It was blog hopping and twitter day today. I started and ended (almost) the day with just blogging and tweeting. I took my dose of Filipino bloggers and some international ones and Oh yea, I found another blogger to follow, check out David Guison, a multi-media arts student from DSL- College of Saint Benilde.

Anyway, I was also browsing for cameras (again) and since EP-2 is too much for me and that Olympus doesn’t offer it in white, I decided to check the competitor: Panasonic Lumix.

My jaw dropped when I saw this Panasonic Lumix Lx5 camera. Why?60% because of it’s color and 40% because it’s compact and it’s powerful.

Lx5 is the ultimate compact, high-performing digital camera. It’s the ideal camera for capturing professional-quality photos and High Definition (HD) video. It has 24mm wide angle lens offers extraordinarily large viewing space and now the optical zoom is extended to 3.8x(90mm) making the LX5 even more versatile.

photo: Panasonic Lumix Lx5 via mobilemag.com

Now this is beauty. Wonder how much it costs here in PH?




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