Taylor is Pretty Reckless

Hello Manila and Hello world. I’m feeling like a TV host today.

Let’s start the weekend off with my one of my favorite Gossip Girl, pretty reckless lead singer, Taylor Momsen.

News reports that during a New Zealand  radio interview, Taylor suddenly jokes about sleeping with clegrymen

“I was raised Catholic,” Momsen said. “I f***ed a priest once — I’m just kidding.”

Oh-oh looks like Little J loves getting herself into trouble, But the teenage rocker insists that she really does have issues with priest, like child molestation and stuff (try listening to the song Going Down, you’ll know what I’m talking about)

Little J, Little J, Little J you proved your self to be a bad bad girl, hmmmm, where have your childhood gone? Good thing your style works for me.

photo: Taylor Momsen via http://taylor-momsen.tumblr.com




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