What to Use When Your Hair is as Crazy as Mine

So before my hair gets chop chopped next week, I would like to share with you guys what been keeping my hair sane for the past week.

Yes, I’ve been using the daily treatment from Pantene (the one that came from Japan) since last week. I love it because It makes my hair super smooth and super manageable (haha I feel like I’m in a commercial, but it does!). I tried going out of the house without brushing or combing or whatever, still my hair looked good.

photo: Pantene Pro-V Daily Treatment from Pantene Japan

I also love that icing shape it makes when you try to squeeze the product out of the tube (you guys really have to try it to understand what I’m talking about) and oh the scent is really nice too.

Use it with your favorite shampoo, but I prefer if you use it with Pantene Pro-V Total Care Shampoo, the one with the cute packaging.

Priced at 119.75 pesos, Pantene Pro-V Daily Treatment is a must have hair genius!




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